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Reading is the key to learning, and all children deserve to gain the skills that will open the world of books to them. Those who struggle to learn to read can be helped, but they must be taught using evidence-based approaches that have a track record of success. Readership utilizes direct-instruction and precision-teaching techniques that focus on building accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

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Precision teaching is a method of instruction that involves specifying essential aspects of a student's reading skill, and then charting and monitoring the improvement of the skill through carefully sequenced lessons.  We adjust the programming for each learner to maximize his or her achievement, based on personalized measurements and precise goals.  Readership primarily uses programs that have been developed by Michael Maloney:The Toolbox and Teach Your Children Well.  More than thirty years of research serves as the underpinning of these programs.

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Ben Tobin, Ed.M. (concentration: language and literacy) is a licensed special education teacher who specializes in reading intervention using direct-instruction and precision-teaching methodologies.  He has many years of experience as a reading tutor and also provides consulting services to school systems surrounding reading instruction.  Ben received his master's degree in education from Harvard University's Graduate School of Education.  He has a secondary interest in media literacy, and also holds a master of fine arts degree in cinema arts from Brooklyn College's Barry R. Feirstein School of Cinema Arts and a bachelor of arts degree in cinema studies from Oberlin College. 

Direct Instruction is a model of teaching that emphasizes carefully sequenced and planned lessons that are designed around systematic learning improvement. It is based on the theory that clear instruction that reduces students' misinterpretation can significantly accelerate students' progress.  

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Kevin Tobin, Ph.D. focuses his private practice on diagnosing and developing intervention plans for children and adolescents with learning differences, including dyslexia and dysgraphia.  In his consulting role at Readership, he supports tutoring strategies that make use of scientifically based approaches to improve learning outcomes.   As the clinical psychologist for the Pittsfield Public Schools for three decades, he worked with several thousand students between the ages of three and twenty-one and conducted research on reading programs and their results.  Dr. Tobin is an adjunct associate professor of psychology at Westfield State University.  

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